Nov 26, 2008

Kingdom of ... Lennoxville?

I was talking to a friend from university yesterday and we started playing Kingdom of Loathing again. For those who haven't played it, it's a browser-based role-playing game where you control a character who goes around fighting monsters and doing quests (that is kinda implied by the term "role-playing game"). The difference is that it's quite satirical, it makes a lot of jokes based on puns or play-on-words, or pop culture, or things like that.

We were thinking that it'd be really fun to have something like that, except based on our experience at Bishop's, or on college life in general. It'd be based in the little town called Lennoxville which is where Bishop's is, and so the places you would explore would likely be places around there. However the game itself and most of the adventures would be more oriented towards college life in general.

I'm wondering if anybody would be interested in this idea, maybe not necessarily for coding (if you want to do that, it'd be cool too, but it's a fair bit of work and so I don't expect anything) but for ideas of things that would be stereotypically college, or ideas on the mechanics of the game. Or even just if you'd be interested in playing.