Nov 9, 2008

CUSEC 2009

I just bought my ticket to CUSEC 2009, which is a conference for Canadian university students in software engineering. While I'm not a student in software engineering, anybody is welcome, and the presentations are usually really good. I've gone for the last two years and they were awesome, and I recommend that if you are anywhere near Montreal that you attend too. Bring warm clothes though, Montreal is cold in January. And a toque too.

They've got some pretty big speakers picked out so far, such as Richard Stallman (founder of GNU, if you're reading an Ubuntu blog and haven't heard of this guy, get out from under your rock) and Dan Ingalls, one of the chief guys who built SmallTalk back in the day.

So if you're a developer in Montreal (or somewhere close to Montreal, like Quebec, Toronto, New York, Boston) you should come check it out, it's a blast and you'll likely learn a lot. If you're a student at a Canadian university (or an American one, you're welcome too) see if your school has a head delegate and if not, maybe become one and head on out for good times.

Plus, the parties are wicked.

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