Jun 12, 2010


A while back I announced that I was building up a new game using Javascript and gameQuery. My inspiration for this was not actually Farmville, but a board game called Agricola which I played with the Concordia Games Club. Unfortunately I ran in to a few problems:
  • I don't actually like farm video games. Farmville looked boring (and supposedly is). The board game was fun but that's more because you're playing it with real people. This one you just sit around and watch plants grow.
  • gameQuery is based on just straight up jQuery and divs, which ends up getting very slow very quickly. I decided it might be not worth it to keep working on the project.
So I started up another project, I have called it Colonial. This game is based off of the Caesar/Pharoah series of games, which I actually really liked playing. I figure now I'll try to make my own variant so that I can fix some of the little annoying things about those other games.

Also this project uses the HTML5 canvas, which ends up being quite interesting. It is much more performant than gameQuery, and a fair bit more flexible since it is literally a canvas where you just draw things. No need to have all the extra bloat of divs and what-not.

Anyway check it out if you like, all you can do right now is build little houses and give them water, but I'm working on it on a semi-regular basis (I have a job now so I don't work on it as much as I used to) so you'll see updates and bug fixes. At least I say that now ;) as I'm sure you might be aware, I tend to start projects and not finish them fairly often.

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