Feb 14, 2010


Well, it's time to announce yet another pet project of mine. This time it is a little Javascript game using gameQuery where you wander around planting stuff. I guess it's kinda like that Farmville game that is making its way around Facebook (I personally have no clue what that game is about, I avoid Facebook applications like the plague), however I got the idea more from a board game called Agricola, although this game and my game are not all that similar.

It's still far from finished, all you do right now is go around finding seeds, plant them, watch them grow, and then pick them. I'm hoping to add some sort of money system so that you can buy stuff to advance your garden-growing skills, and also some random events that could happen that will hinder your garden's growth. Hopefully someday I'll get some sort of points system so that maybe after X amount of time the game will end and your points are tallied up, and you have to somehow beat your old high score.

You can check out the source at GitHub if you're interested in playing it. It runs just fine in Firefox 3+ and Chrome (both tested on Linux only, not sure about anything else).


Edward said...

Sweet! I found a whole bunch of banana seeds.

What can I do with the plants once I pick them?

Also: for those who haven’t read the source: hit the spacebar when you’re near rocks or the wooden board things.

Rob Britton said...

Whoops, forgot to put instructions! Just added them.

Right now you can't do anything with the plants once you pick them. I'm planning on making a market or something where you can sell them off, and possibly make it so that your character gets hungry after a while and needs to eat. We'll see!

If anybody has suggestions, feel free to make them!