May 12, 2010

Why You Should or Shouldn't Use an Operating System

You should use Windows if:
- you respond more quickly to your WoW handle than to your given name
- you need to prove your 1337 h4xx0r skillz, yet can't figure out how to use Linux
- you want to use an operating system that doesn't look like it was designed by:
a) Fisher-Price, or
b) HAL 9000
- you work in a place where the manager buys the product from the salesman with the shiniest hair (or in the case of Steve Ballmer, the shiniest head)

You should not use Windows if:
- you compulsively click on every link you get on MSN or Facebook
- you ever use your credit card or something confidential online
- you want your computer to work right for over 6 months at a time without critical system files being somehow corrupted

You should use Mac if:
- you think a hard drive is something that involves at least 3 hours in a car
- your favourite letter is i, or your favourite colour is white
- you spend most of your time in a coffee shop

You should not use Mac if:
- you have a soul
- you want other people to like you after you talk to them about computers
- you're poor, like me

You should use Linux if:
- your first or second language is Klingon
- the idea of installing an operating system on a pacemaker gets you excited
- you want to stick it to the man

You should not use Linux if:
- you have friends
- you want your computer to work, period
- you think hexadecimal is a character from ReBoot

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lili said...

You're pretty funny today Rob. And I take offense: I have friends. Like, um, you?