Feb 9, 2010

On Converting People to Ubuntu

Personally I don't care too much if others like Ubuntu or not, so I don't really attempt to push it on any of my friends - back when I was still a Windows guy I absolutely hated Linux fanboys always trying to force it on me, citing irrelevant reasons like "it's free!" or something like that (my response was "yes, but does it work?", although that leads into a complicated discussion of the definition of "working" and we won't go there today). These days freedom is a lot more important, but I still don't think that it should be forced on them - "you have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged":

I guess this video isn't completely relevant to what I'm saying, I just like the message in that scene :) also the ending of that clip is good.

Anyway getting to my main point here, I think that many of the Linux geeks who preach about Linux would do well to read Ubuntu's guidelines on converting users: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ConvertFriends.

Now I'll make a playful jab at my Mac user friends ;) scroll up a bit and read my sentence that says "freedom is a lot more important." That's one of my main reasons for not going with Apple - I feel bad enough owning an iPod Shuffle.

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