Oct 2, 2008

Sick of Web 2.0

Is anybody else getting sick of hearing all about Web 2.0? (pronounced web two-dot-oh or two-dot-zero or two-point-oh or ... oh I give up) All this crap about social networking and advertising based models and revolutions and blah blah blah.

IMHO, this is a phase. Facebook is boring. Nowadays I only use it because people respond to their Facebook faster than their emails. That's pretty much it. I signed up for Twitter, and still fail to see the appeal. Every time I sign in I get blasted by this huge barrage of messages from the people I am following, basically just saying what they are doing. That's nice. Close.

Then there's the look of things. Facebook looks pretty good, but Twitter and all its clones look like they were made by Dr. Seuss on an acid trip and all he had around were a bunch of crayons. The text boxes and fonts are so freaking huge with so much damn padding that I feel like I'm sent back to Giant Land in Super Mario 3. It seems like they've ditched this whole concept of screen real estate - mainly because there isn't really that much to show, so I guess they have to blow everything up.

A lot of the names leave something to be desired. Plurk? Spoink? This sounds like something they do at the end of a porn video (think about it this way and then look at this page). Kids, this is what happens when you smoke marijuana.

Anybody else sharing the same opinions?


Guillaume Theoret said...

I feel like it's a phase. We're still trying out the waters and figuring out what's working for the next phase of the web.

You should watch some of Clay Shirky's talk. He's very insightful on this kind of topic.

A very recent find (Tim Bray posted it on twitter but I didn't click, then Ed retweeted that it was awesome so it convinced me to check it out and they were right) is thesixtyone.com

thesixtyone.com is what the music industry needs. It lets good music bubble up by getting people to "bump" the songs. Bumping a song costs 5 points. If other people bump songs you bumped though you get a little of it back (and eventually profit!) but you can also set up playlists, check out what people are listening to, what they've favorited, etc. The site is actually a lot bigger than it looked to me at first and I'm still finding new stuff (I only signed up yesterday).

It lets bands get exposure by uploading their own songs and it lets listeners find new music.

That's exactly what this "web2.0" stuff is leading to. A way to get people to work together towards filling a need (interesting new music that they like).

Music is just a first easy step. Facebook/Digg/Twitter is just practice.

Rob Britton said...

This is really cool. I was wondering a while back why something like this didn't exist, apparently it was because I didn't know! Awesome!

I think that the "Web 2.0" is what the web really is, just simplified communication and distribution of information. Like you said, we're just starting to see what kind of effect the Internet will have on society.