Oct 1, 2008

Models of Computation

A random thought: currently our idea of computability revolves around the idea that a Turing machine can be created to accept or reject the input (you can also use lambda or predicate calculus, but for the purposes of this blog entry I will ignore them). For example, I can create a Turing machine to calculate the square of a number. But I cannot create a Turing machine that takes as an input another Turing machine t and an arbitrary input x and say if t will halt on x or not.

A question: Given a computable problem P, is it possible to have a Turing machine that will output a Turing machine that solves P? In English, can we make a computer program that is a programmer?

A brain can do this. A brain (IMHO) is an advanced device that can compute things. If a brain can do it, can a Turing machine? If not, perhaps there is a more powerful computational automaton than a Turing machine, just as a Turing machine is more powerful than a push-down automaton, which in turn is more powerful than a finite-state automaton?

Thinking about this kind of thing makes me want to go back to school.


Valen said...

Hi Rob!
You wrote that you were working on pornhub project.
We need a script similar to that of that site.
Can you do that kind of work?
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Guillaume Theoret said...

hahaha that's a hilarious comment. That site was the result of at least a year of work by 3-4 programmers.

So, factor in a decent salary of say 50k are you really to pay 200k for the site? If not, don't expect something as good.

Rob Britton said...

Nah it wasn't a year, less than that. But yeah the costs are probably higher, considering you're not going to be making money for a while, and bandwidth costs are high for video streaming.