Sep 27, 2008

Ubuntu Game Experiment

On occasion I like to revisit the Linux gaming scene. No, it is not because I like to see horrible failures, rather I've thought of an interesting experiment.

Linux will not catch up to Windows or consoles in terms of hard-core games, at least in the next few years. These games take a lot of manpower to produce, and if the leaders of that manpower do not want to release on Linux, then it won't get released on Linux. Even under wine, the performance sucks a bit - I have Oblivion and Guild Wars working fine under wine right now, but they get a much lower FPS. I'd rather just reboot to Windows and use my graphics card to its full potential (I paid for it didn't I?).

I think too many people are trying to get the hardcore gamers to switch to Linux by making their games work. Personally, I think this is a bad idea. Hardcore gamers are among the biggest bitches I've ever seen, just go on or something and listen to them talk. It's retarded. Why would we want these people polluting Ubuntu forums with their crap?

What more focus should be put on is the other 90% of gamers. The ones who like Frozen Bubble or Those Funny Funguloids, and only play once in a while - among this 90% are those people called girls, which last I checked are severely lacking in the Linux world.

Anyway, the moral of my story is that instead of targeting the niche market of hardcore gamers as would-be Linux converts, why not focus on everybody else?

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