Sep 14, 2008

Checking out Xubuntu

There's a computer at work that is a little bit slower than my home computer. The CPU isn't much slower, but there's a lot less RAM.

I've noticed that while coding, the system was eating up a lot of memory. A lot of it was coming from GNOME itself, and compiz. So I installed the xubuntu-desktop package and am now trying out XFCE.

It's blazing fast! Runs really well. There are a lot less features than in GNOME which is expected, but everything is very clean.

The one thing that really surprised me is that the default Xubuntu look is a bit cooler than the default Ubuntu look. I kinda liked it and didn't even bother changing it!

So if you have an older PC that you would like to stick Ubuntu on (maybe your grandma's, I know how much Linux users love to do this), the Xubuntu is definitely something worth checking out. Be careful though, I think the system requirements for Windows XP are still lower than Xubuntu, so you might actually be making their computer slower by sticking Linux on it.

On another note, I hate to put ads on my blog, but if anybody knows a good Rubyist in Montreal (or a good web developer willing to learn Ruby), let me know. I'm looking for someone to join my team.


Guillaume Theoret said...

You've got a ruby job now? Awesome. Where are you working?

Mathieu Martin said...

Your best bet: come to Montreal on Rails (we also have a mailing list)!

I'm a Rubyist in Mtl but I'm not looking for a job, so I can't help you there ;-)

Rob Britton said...

I feel like I say this every time, but I did mean to go to this past MoR. Unfortunately I forgot to write it down on my calendar, and then like 2 days later realized I had missed it...

Next time!