Nov 20, 2007

Love: Wine

If any wine developers read this, great job. You guys have done an excellent job.

The program that could completely destroy one of the major barriers to Linux's marketability is wine. Being able to run Windows programs no problem under Linux is amazing. It's not perfect yet, but many programs already do work. Personally, I've only really tried games and there are several ones that work. Starcraft (mostly), Warcraft III and Diablo II are the ones that I can remember at the moment (funny how they're all Blizzard games). Diablo II even runs faster than on Windows. Many of the newer ones have problems, especially ones that depend on the .NET framework. I've also never managed to get a program published by Microsoft to work (odd).

Another great thing is their updates are very frequent (and they have an Ubuntu repository), usually being around two weeks. So sometimes you'll have a bug with a game and be used to it, but then all of a sudden it's gone. Awesome!

A note to those who have problems with multi-disc installations: if you're using command line, do not browse to the CD's folder. You won't be able to eject the disc. Instead type 'wine /media/cdrom/setup.exe' from outside the folder. Then to eject the disc, you can eject it normally or type 'wine eject'.

EDIT: Some more games that work: Battlefield 1942, Oblivion (except for some graphics glitches here and there).


chris h said...

your Welcome :)
(i tried to solve the tree glitches in oblivion but I think it's because wine uses shader uniforms internally and so some games that really push the limits can't use as many as they need, wait till some better cards come out with even more uniforms. or you can turn the tree render distance to minmum, that solves the glitches, but it's ugly :( )

IllegalCharacter said...

I suppose Wine is doomed to play the catch-up game. Oh well, we'll see what happens 10 years from now. Maybe Linux/Mac will have taken over by then.