Aug 17, 2011

250 Words

I've decided to start up my own little project based on the idea at the site 750words, which is a game where you're supposed to write 750+ words per day to engage the brain juices. I remember when I first started going hardcore on my old blog this was my goal: to just write about random things and see what happens. It worked pretty well, I ended up getting a few articles posted on reddit and other silly places like that and basically learning how retarded some of my ideas were (or how retarded some other people on the Internet are).

From what my teachers and professors have told me I've always been very concise with my writing, so I think I'll shorten it from 750 words to 250 words. That way if I don't have a lot to say on a topic I have a lower bar to shoot for, but also to keep things bite-sized since reading long blocks of text that aren't incredibly well written and aren't really about anything is not always the most fun thing to do.

For the topics I'll probably just be writing random posts about stuff that I've been thinking about, things that interest me, or maybe random happenings in life that are not too personal to tell the world about. I want to try and avoid rants since those tend to be annoying to read and there are enough rants on the web already (including on my old blog) that more of them would just pollute the Internet and not be terribly constructive. I'd also like to reserve my old blog for HOWTOs since I'm tired of writing about how to make the world a better place or how to help random folks because that is what discouraged me from writing before: the worry that what I'm saying isn't good enough for the world means I avoid just writing for the sake of writing, which is the main reason why I started my blog in the first place! So I'll stick to talking about things that I like to talk about, and anybody who cares to listen can do so.

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