Mar 23, 2011


Way back in September I tried to get together a group of programmers around Montreal to hang out, have drinks, and talk about various projects that we might be working on at the time. Unfortunately I only did the event once so it didn't really pick up any steam and ended up fizzling out.

I've decided to give it another go, but this time I'm giving it a name and a website: ProjectDrinks, largely inspired by StartupDrinks but without the startup aspect - these are projects and other fun little apps that may or may not have any commercial value, they're purely for enjoyment.

The meetups will be the last Monday of every month starting next Monday (March 28, 2011) at 6:30pm. The location will be Trois-Brasseurs at the corner of St. Catherine and Crescent in downtown Montreal, chosen largely because it's the first place I found that has both beer and wireless - at least according to Île sans fil.

I'll be heading out there with my laptop on Monday evening, having a few beers, and fiddle with a little project I've been messing around with. If anybody wants to come out and chat about any projects you might have on the go feel free to head on down!

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Anonymous said...

Notman House is available for this type of event

You can reach me at for more info.