Mar 3, 2010

FOOP Presentation

I'll be giving a presentation next Friday, March 12, at Bishop's University (this might be come a semester-ly tradition) on something I'm calling FOOP, which stands for functional object-oriented programming. I'm hoping to talk about what it is and the advantages it has over both functional programming and object-oriented programming. Finally I'll be talking about how Scala accomplishes the combination of the two, and some of the neat features of Scala that I've discovered. I'm not really a Scala expert so I won't be going too much in detail, but hopefully it will be enough to get some people interested in looking into it a bit more.

If you are in the Sherbrooke, Quebec area, feel free to come and check it out! I'll be posting the slides on here afterward for those who can't make it.

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Kazimir Majorinc said...


Check Newlisp, it has OO system called exactly FOOP.

I guess it is not the same thing you do, but I think you might want to know that (of course, in case you didn't know that already.)