Nov 14, 2009

Installing Wine in Karmic

Each time you upgrade Ubuntu you have to tweak your Wine repo for the newer version. This is not a huge problem, you can just follow the instructions on Wine's site which are nice and clear.

Karmic seems to be a little weird with this. The issue comes when you want to actually install wine through Synaptic. You can't install the package "wine" anymore, you get an error like this: "wine: Depends: wine1.2 but it is not going to be installed". You can fix this easily by just installing the wine1.2 package, but it is kinda weird that they did not set up the dependencies properly. Oh well.

So in short, to install wine:
1) Follow the instructions to add the Wine repository.
2) Go to System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager
3) Search for wine1.2
4) Install the wine1.2 package by double clicking it. Accept any dependencies it asks for.
5) Click Apply.


andy_mccaddin said...

I just thought I would throw in my $.02:

I just upgraded my desktop (E8400) machine to Ubuntu 9.10 32-bit i386 and wine installed just fine with synaptic without trying to 1.2 version.

Either they fixed the issue, or it is architecture dependent?

Rob Britton said...

Could be either of the two, I use the 64-bit version which I don't think is tested as well as the 32-bit.

Recently I moved back to Jaunty, so I can't verify that the issue is fixed or not. If I ever reinstall Karmic I'll have to find out.