Jul 17, 2009


I just heard about this game called Penumbra through Slashdot (you may have seen it there too). It's a survival horror game, which is probably what you could classify System Shock and Bioshock as. Since I liked both of those games - although I didn't play System Shock all the way through because it ended up just crashing all the time - I decided to buy this one.

It's only $5 USD. No taxes, no shipping, that's it. The only catch is that you have to buy it this weekend. After you pay you get a download link, it's about 850MB.

Even better, it has native Linux support. Since I hate having to reboot to play games (it's one of the reasons I don't play many games anymore) this is a huge bonus.

I've decided that stuff like this is a much better deterrent to piracy than DRM or any of the other restrictive junk they've got out there. Since $60 is retardedly expensive for a game, why pay it when you can just download it for free? There is a bit of a guilt thing that the programmers aren't getting their pay, but $60 is more than I'm willing to pay. $5 though? That's peanuts. I'm willing to give the game a go for that cheap, even without trying the demo (which is something they have, by the way).
I'd be willing to pay up to maybe $20-30 for a game. I bought Crayon Physics which works really well under Wine, and it was about $20. Turned out to be a really interesting game.

So yeah, if you like survival horror, go out and grab this one! It's only $5!

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