Jun 29, 2009

/(Temporary)? Retirement/

It seems that the company I have been working for, keenkong and I have taken our separate paths. It wasn't really anything spectacular, from my perspective it was basically just a little incompatibility. I wasn't overly enjoying it, and that likely affected how I worked.

So now I look to the horizon with a fair bit more uncertainty about the future. I'm feeling fairly neutral about the job ending. I'm not ecstatic but at the same time, I'm happy to have some free time and a chance to take on some more creative pursuits.

As for looking for a new job, I'm not feeling overly motivated to find a new development position. It seems there are enough open-source projects that I'd be interested in contributing to to satisfy any code craving I may have.

Right now my current goal looks to be go back to school full-time and finish that, and see where it takes me. Back to coding? Maybe but unlikely.

So yeah, I will announce here my (likely permanent) retirement from the software development profession, and hope that all of those reading still in it will enjoy it more than I did :)

PS: I will still be writing code in my spare time - I do like coding after all. This blog will continue to get posts about that kind of stuff, just probably not as many Rails/JRuby posts.


Guillaume Theoret said...

Wow that's interesting timing. I just handed in my resignation this morning. I'll be over in the realm of the unemployed in a few weeks too!

Michael Mol said...

While you're stuck in school, keep an eye out for any algorithms that might have a place as Rosetta Code tasks, will ya? :-)

Rob Britton said...

@Guillaume: Actually I had been thinking about writing this post after my last day (which was Friday), however I had forgotten about it until I saw your Facebook status this morning.

@Michael: As a matter of fact, I might have a few neat ones for you. I just posted one.

Abdo said...

WOW man that is really interesting...