May 30, 2009


I'm giving KDE a shot with kubuntu-desktop. So far it seems pretty slick! The interface reminds me of SPORE.
Out of the box it is much more visually appealing than GNOME, and some of the feature seem kinda nifty. It seems they took some hints from Mac and Vista, where it seems like GNOME is still sticking it out with the minimalist idea.

Only problem so far: avant-window-navigator crapped out right away, but I just restarted it and it seems to work fine.

I'll post more on this later, maybe even give some tips on how to get things working under it if I run into problems.


Ryan Kohn said...

For Jackalope, I decided to try out KDE instead of Gnome. I agree on the overall slickness. I still think Gnome has a better overall selection of apps though.

Rob Britton said...

Yeah it's true, although you can use GNOME apps under KDE too - at least I think you can, none of my programs really had problems.

Once you have a package manager that will install all the required libraries, I don't really think (for me at least) the app selection really affects the choice in environment. I've been using several KDE apps for years under GNOME, just not KDE.