Jan 20, 2009

Crayon Physics

I stumbled across a game called Crayon Physics, which is a neat little game where you draw things with crayons and physics applies to them. You use this to solve puzzles.

While they don't have a Linux or Mac version, it works very well under Wine! The only problem I came across is when it is in fullscreen the resolution doesn't actually change on my monitor, however the game still only takes up 1024x768 pixels of space. Unfortunately where the stuff is being displayed doesn't match up with the clickable areas, so in order to click a button you need to click something like 200px to the right of where the button is displaying. Fortunately once you turn fullscreen off it works quite well.

If you like the game, I'd recommend buying it. It's only $20, and you support small game creators!

UPDATE: For added amusement, make sure you have a kitten near the screen while you are playing. They will go nuts trying to figure out where the ball went when it falls of the bottom of the screen.


Dan Kegel said...

warns you have to set wine to create a virtual desktop window of just the right size for the game to avoid that problem.

Rob Britton said...

Nice, I didn't even think to check the Wine AppDB.