Jun 4, 2008

VirtualBox and Linux at work: Day 1

For some reason, the sysadmin at work refuses to let me use Ubuntu on my computer. I think it has to do with all the DNS stuff or LDAP stuff, or things like that. I doubt that would be much of a problem to set up, but since I don't know how to do it, he is the one who would be doing it. My guess is he doesn't know how, which is why he won't let me use Ubuntu.

We are, however, allowed to install software on the machine. Pretty much whatever we want. So I installed VirtualBox on the Windows box and set up my very own Ubuntu system. With their Guest Additions software, it integrates very well with my dual-monitor setup. You can even copy-paste things from Windows to Linux.

So now I'm attempting to do my web development at work in Ubuntu, to see how it goes. I'm running Quanta (I tried Geany but I didn't really like it's project handling compared to Quanta's) for editing/FTP and eSVN as a rather nice SVN client. It's not as nice as TortoiseSVN for Windows, but it does the job and is much better than the command-line SVN client. There's also KolourPaint for basic image editing and Samba for connecting to the network drives. All-in-all, it's a pretty good start!

I'll post in a few weeks about how well this setup is going for me.

See my follow-up post.

EDIT(S): It's slow as shit...

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