Feb 15, 2008

Love: SSH

An ancient technology that dates back to at least the 60's (Telnet has at least), SSH is a way you can connect remotely to a computer, log in and run commands as if you were on that computer. With X, you can even do X11 forwarding so that the graphical applications appear on your screen even though they are executing on a different machine.

This is old news for any UNIX/Linux user, but for those of us who are accustomed to only being able to use a computer while sitting at it, this is a big change. Although Windows has remote desktop capabilities, they're pretty limited and slow. Fortunately I have discovered this wonderful thing called Xming which is essentially a port of the X server to Windows. That means that with tools like PuTTY, you can use X11 forwarding to have your X windows pop up in Windows. Awesome! I tested it out with forwarding Kate to my Windows box at work, and although it was beastly slow, it worked. I could browse and edit my files on my machine.

This gives me much more potential and maybe I can even convince my bosses to let me work at home...yeah right.

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