Dec 27, 2007

Love: Speed

One thing I've noticed about Ubuntu (or Linux in general) is that it is much faster than Windows. XP might run faster when it is first installed, but for the amount of junk that I have installed on my Ubuntu partition, that is not surprising (including Apache/MySQL for web development). Vista however, is a whole new story. I haven't tried it on my machine, but I tested it out for a while on a machine similar to mine and wow, is it ever slow! It doesn't even have Aero enabled. I'll bet Compiz Fusion will run no problem. Anyway its slow to open up Firefox, it's slow to run messenger, and I tried to install something but it wouldn't let me since I wasn't an admin. Could I at least install it to my local folder? It seems like a rather weak security construct, like they pulled the solution out of their ass. Ubuntu runs faster on the Live CD! God damn. I heart the relative speed of Ubuntu.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason is that when run on liveCD, the distro gets copied to RAM.

I bet there'd be a way to make that work out with the regular ones too, especially since 6 or 8GB ram is in, thesedays.